Friday, December 2, 2016

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: The Beginning of the Christmas Season

After our huge Thanksgiving dinner we Angels were all exhausted.  We climbed into our beds and slept for hours.  When we woke up Rainbow Bridge had been transformed for Christmas.
There was frost on my window and a permanent fire blazing in my fireplace.  I touched the window.  It wasn’t cold, and the fire wasn’t warm.  Everything was cozy.  Cozy is the perfect way to spend the holidays.
When I stepped outside, I was suddenly wearing a long green coat, a bright red scarf, and a top hat.  There was snow on the ground, but it was neither wet nor cold, just fluffy and packable.  Across the way, Morgan the Miracle Maltese was making a snow Tim Tebow.  Morgan gave me a big smile and wished me a Merry Christmas.
The trees around my property had suddenly turned into pine trees, and the boughs were covered with bright white snow, and the end of their branches kissed the ground.
All the paths were clear.  There was no sign of shoveling.  It was as if the snow knew not to land on our walkways.
I got hit in the face with a snowball.  It wasn’t cold, or wet; it just covered me with a hundred pieces of soft fuzz.  I saw Fonzie Tuxedo running away from me.  I hurled a snowball at him, but he was too fast.
I made my way to the center of town.  I could hear Christmas carols being sung, but I could not find any singers.  The voices were coming from some celestial beings above us.
All the dogs were happily walking around town greeting one another with happy smiles and cheery greetings.  There was a free hot chocolate stand.  It tasted so good.  There was a huge Christmas tree in the center of town.  Pups were chasing each other around the tree and barking happily.  Next to it was a large hill covered with snow.  I climbed to the top and slid down on my belly.  I picked up another cup of cocoa and went to the ice skating rink.  I joined Gracie Mae, and we skated circles around one another laughing hard.
I had only been up a few hours, but I was tuckered home.  A horse and sled pulled up.  I climbed  aboard and was whisked home.  When I entered my house, the fire was still lit.  I climbed into my warm bed.
I gave thanks for the powers that had decorated and provided so many distractions for us at Christmas time.  It is when we miss our parents the most.  The distractions make the passage of time more enjoyable, and during the holiday season that is a precious gift